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Time for a Change – Portugal to Bali

It’s entirely fascinating to me how quickly humans can form new relationships and routines. When I close my eyes and think about my life so far, it’s a bitter-sweet collection of memories–and constant relentless change. Continue reading “Time for a Change – Portugal to Bali”

Pretty Close to Perfection, Our Weekend in Cascais, Portugal

It sounds a little pathetic. Hands up, I’m the first to swallow my urge to vomit at parents who live vicariously through their children. But there’s a difference between forcing your own failings upon your offspring and encouraging them to develop their own sense of self. Continue reading “Pretty Close to Perfection, Our Weekend in Cascais, Portugal”

What’s Harder Than Being Sick? Having Two Kids to Look After While Being Sick


We didn’t have the best of days. All three of us, I mean. I haven’t started talking about myself in the third person or anything just yet. Something was just off today and I think we all had reasons to be cranky. Continue reading “What’s Harder Than Being Sick? Having Two Kids to Look After While Being Sick”

Top 10 Takeaways From Our Working Vacation in Portugal So Far

It feels like a lot longer than two and a half weeks since we first set off on the road for our working vacation in Portugal. We’ve established a new routine already. They know us in the laundry, the small Italian restaurant just a few minutes from our house, and even in the adventure park at Alto da Serafina in Lisbon. Continue reading “Top 10 Takeaways From Our Working Vacation in Portugal So Far”

I Turned 40 Today


Today, I turned 40. Not a statement I was looking forward to saying, but there it is anyway. Been doing a lot of reevaluating and soul searching lately, although there isn’t all that much time for that.

Work is now 24/7. I sort of hate smartphones. They are a double-edged sword. They give you the “freedom” to work from anywhere–and the obligation to also do so. Continue reading “I Turned 40 Today”

Valencia to Ciudad Real – The Longest Day


Day one, long.

There is so much sunlight in Spain. Literally, I feel as if I can’t remember the last time it was night.

To be fair, we did start the journey on the longest day of the year. And long indeed the day has been. Continue reading “Valencia to Ciudad Real – The Longest Day”

The Best Places to Move to For the Next 4 Years

Suffering from post-election stress? Suddenly realized that the majority of the population are racist, sexist, ignorant — and now there’s a misogynistic reality show star as a president? It’s time to get the hell out of dodge.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to make a change in your life, or telling anyone who’ll listen that if Trump wins, you’ll move; then why not keep your word? Check out the best places to move for the next four years (that don’t include Canada). Continue reading “The Best Places to Move to For the Next 4 Years”

How To Dress For Your Postpartum Body

Mom and BabyFirst of all, congratulations on being a new Mom. It takes a lot to get where you are, so credit where it’s due. You just made it through ten months of day-long “morning” sickness, rampant heart burn, grueling constipation, peeing your pants in public, and, well, let’s not even mention the birth. Continue reading “How To Dress For Your Postpartum Body”

7 More Reasons Why You Need to Learn a Language

Unless Donald Trump has his way and the wall goes up, the Latino population is set to triple in size by 2050 and whites will become a minority group. While that statement has been bandied about a lot lately with a mixture of surprise and trepidation (after all, who wants to be inundated Continue reading “7 More Reasons Why You Need to Learn a Language”

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